As we continue to grow and change, sourcing remains an essential part of our DNA. It not only supports the communities we serve and our sustainability practice, it creates a tight network of foodie allies who help us provide some of the highest quality, healthiest fast food around. Meet a few of our incredible partners here.


Mazzetta | Sognefjord, Norway



The Goods: Salmon

What’s to Love

Turns out, ocean temps are rising. Never heard that one before… right? Let us break it down: algae blooms have infested the surface of the Argentine coastline causing toxicity in fishing areas and decreased oxygen levels in the water. So, we made our way upstream to the Norwegian Fjords. The colder, deeper water in the fjords is ideal for raising salmon, keeping their natural oil and fat content high. It’s basically the salmon version of a 5-star hotel, and frankly, we’re ready to book a room, too. Our friends at Mazzetta do things the way we like it, too, keeping hormones and antibiotics out of the picture… or should we say water? Oh, ever heard of the Global GAP certification? Mazzetta checks that box, too. Enjoy Mazzetta’s sustainable salmon on the Curry Salmon Bowl, Everything Avo Toast, or on a Salmon Hand Carved Plate.


Lyon Bakery | Landover, MD

The Goods: Bread

What’s to Love:

We knew that Lyon was the best of the breads when we toured their bakery a few years back. Our friends over there know that bread isn’t an afterthought. Frankly, it’s usually our first thought, but Lyon turns breadworks into an art form, serving world-class artisan breads to our DC/Maryland eateries. Oh, did we mention they do it with a 100% clean label and GMO-free flour? You’re welcome. From sourdough to ciabatta, these bakers rise to the occasion, marrying decades of consistency with state-of-the-art tech to bring us the next-level loaves of our dreams and yours.


Izzio Bakery | Denver, CO

The Goods: Bread

What’s to Love:

Right off the interstate in the heart of Denver, Colorado lives a little slice of Italy, and we simply couldn’t resist a bite. In fact, our co-founders Rob and Anthony were strolling the Boulder Farmer’s Market a few years back when they found Izzio for the first time, and ever since tasting the loaves of their labor, they’ve been a part of our market, too. The infamous Izzio Artisan Bakery was founded in 1994 after owner and head baker Maurizio Negrini hopped the pond from Bologna, Italy. Tradition is a virtue, and these bakers haven’t strayed from it in years, using the same practices (and clean ingredients) that have been passed down through several generations. Izzio pushes the envelope with their well-known line of gluten-free bread, but we promise you won’t taste the difference.


Strohauer Farms | La Salle, CO

The Goods: Potatoes

What’s to Love:

German-born John Strohauer moved out West from Ellis Island in 1910 to start a farm–a potato farm. Four generations later, Strohauer Farms out of La Salle, Colo. feeds more than 1.5 million potato lovers nationwide. Northern Colorado’s volatile climate makes for a difficult growing season, and fewer and fewer potato farms exist compared to the 60+ farms in the past. We’re just glad that Strohauer is one of them. Try Colorado-grown Strohauer Farms potatoes in your Flatiron or Wintergreen Salad, or find them among the other spuds at your local Whole Foods.


Tender Belly | La Salle, CO

The Goods: Tender Belly Bacon

What’s to Love

Tender Belly was founded by two brothers who shared a dream of crafting the finest pork products on the market. Mission accomplished. The Tender Belly difference is one to write home about, with heritage breed hogs never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Without harmful chemicals, the hogs take longer to mature and hence live a longer life. They are vegetarian-fed and crate-free, exercising regularly. This unique lifestyle contributes to higher fat content and more marbling within the meat, which is what makes the meat so tender, juicy and flavorful. Don’t go breakin’ our bacon; try Tender Belly meats in the Tender Belly Burrito, the Sunrise Bowl and more.


Eco-Products | Boulder, CO

The Goods: Packaging

What’s to Love

Our relationship with Eco-Products goes way back. This sustainability maven of a brand has brought us to the sustainable packaging products that we currently use, including bamboo fiber compostable to-go bowls, compostable straws, reusable food storage containers, and 100% post-consumer recycled plastic utensils. We look forward to having Eco-Products by our side to guide us toward the best and most eco-friendly packaging products around.


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