Being sustainable is like being in shape, easy to talk about, hard in practice.

We dive deep into all the issues and try and make the most informed decisions that we can.  We find many restaurants paint a picture built on buzz versus facts. We try and make the best decisions we can and continually migrate towards what our research shows to be the 'best' option for each facet of our business.

Let’s start with take-away packaging. The buzz may be all around compostable solutions, however, depending on where each restaurant is located, it may not be possible to get the packaging into a composting stream that can actually do something with it.  Further, if it ends up in the recycling stream, it can create a host of other problems.

With that in mind, as we researched new packaging ideas, we tried to think about how we could provide containers that could have a secondary use.  Our new soup containers make excellent 'tupperware' replacements - they work great for kids lunches, snacks in cars or Marie Kondo-eque organization projects.  In our view, something that gets reused for a long time and displaces another package is much better than anything that is single use, even if it’s recyclable.